Maggie and Harley the malti-poo mixes were so stinkin cute for their mini session. Maggie 11 years old and a total love bug. She loves to be loved on, rolls over for tummy rubs, wants to sit in your lap, and be close to you always. You would never guess she was that old by her looks or personality! Harley was found as a stray wandering the streets about 8 years ago and then taken to an animal shelter. He was kept in the back because he was fearful and the shelter said he wasn’t adoptable. We began to foster him and realized that he was SUCH a sweet dog and that the shelter had it wrong. He was a bit cautious at first, which is totally understandable, but once he realized I was a friend and I gave him a few of his favorite treats, he was nothing but a sweetie. I love how these shots turned out, they were pros!