I got together with some Foster Pet Outreach dogs again yesterday! We always get some great pictures of the pups with the help of their foster parents! It’s definitely a team effort, but the results are amazing.

First up was Sophie the beagle! She’s a little lover! All she wants to do is sit next to you and get pets. What a sweetheart!

Charlie the Beagle / Jack Russel mix was next! He’s a shy boy at first, but warms up quickly and is just super adorable!

Next was Clyde the Rottweiler mix! He was such a well behaved boy, especially for still being a puppy!

And last, but not least was Kaydee. She is very much still in puppy mode and wanted to play nonstop! She actually got in the kiddy pool when we first started, so we had her go last so she could dry off a bit. They think she’s a Lab / Vizsla mix!