Where you print matters and if you want your photos to look the best, I recommend your order from me or at least through one of the print places listed below. Most print labs are available only to professional photographers, like me, and that is who I order from when you use me. But there are some great options that sell directly to consumers and I want to highlight them in this post.

I do not recommend going to Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, or Target… they just use really big inkjet printers and your photos will not last. They will also not print even close to true to color, with Walgreens and Walmart trending very dark and green and CVS and Target printing very warm and over-saturated.

You’ve spent all the time and money for the session itself, make sure you invest in quality prints so your memories last. All of the places listed below have online ordering and can ship directly to you!

Artifact Uprising

They have great photo books, cards, and gift items. Their items have a boho, modern feel to them, so if you’re wanting something unique and different, this is a great option.


They have just about everything, as well, just on a larger scale. I approve and enjoy their quality and they have some fun gifts, like blankets, photo boxes, playing cards, and statuettes.


Another one that has just about everything, as well as some unique gifts like acrylic blocks and large acrylic prints.

Precision Camera

Located right here in Austin, TX, Precision Camera can help you print your photos. They have prints, canvas, metals, and more. Check them out for your printing needs.

Photo Barn

Located in Knoxville, TN, Photo Barn features handcrafted photo products like wood boards/blocks, burlap, and canvas.

All of the above have sales from time to time, so I recommend following them on social media so you know when there’s a good deal. I cannot guarantee the quality of any print or product not printed directly through me, but these are places I have used and trust myself.

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