Just before Christmas time, I received a special request from Mike, who wanted to surprise his wife, Colleen, with a photography session as a gift for her and her beloved cat, Ferris! I don’t get to photograph nearly as many cats as I’d like, so I was very excited when I heard from Mike.

Ferris has been Colleen’s companion since he was a kitten, and he’s an incredibly friendly cat. As soon as I started setting up my equipment, he came right up to me to say hello and get some pets.

During the outdoor session, Ferris was fantastic, but I had to watch out because he kept coming over to me whenever I tried to get on his level for a photo. But who can blame him? He just wanted some attention, and I was more than happy to oblige. We then moved indoors to make use of Mike and Colleen’s plain white walls, and we managed to capture some fantastic shots of Ferris by himself and with Colleen from our session.

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