Paddleboarding and kayaking are Austin staples and something that can be a fun experience with your dog, too. It not only gives you a chance to get some exercise and experience the great outdoors, but it also deepens your relationship with your dog. Pets who are nervous can be calmed by the relaxing rhythm of paddling, and the sunshine and fresh air can help them feel better. Dogs enjoy being physically active, and paddle boarding provides a fun way for them to discover new sights, sounds, and smells. Being on the water with your dog is a special way to make lifelong memories, whether you’re cruising calm waters or riding mild waves. With a little bit of preparation and some patience, you can enjoy a memorable adventure with your dog.

Choose the appropriate board or kayak: Be sure your paddle board or kayak is big enough to fit both you and your dog. In order to keep your dog stable, you should also look for one with a non-slip surface. For larger dogs, an inflatable option might not be the best option as they are susceptible to punctures from dog nails and are a bit less sturdy, too.

Get your dog acquainted with the board or kayak: Before you venture out on the water, let your dog get familiar with the board or kayak on land. When your dog interacts and eventually stands on the board or kayak, encourage them by giving them food and praise.

Use a leash: To protect your dog’s safety while on the water, keep them on a leash. Either a leash that fastens to the board/kayak or a leash that fastens around your waist can be used.

Start in calm waters: This will allow your dog to become accustomed to the motion of the board or kayak. You can gradually raise the water conditions’ difficulty as your dog feels more at ease.

Bring lots of fresh water for your dog to drink: Dogs are susceptible to dehydration in the sun.

Use a life jacket: While on the water, dogs should wear a life jacket just like people. Make sure your dog is comfortable and the life jacket is fitted appropriately.

Avoid busy areas: Try to stay away from places where there is a lot of boat traffic or other water activity. Your dog may become overwhelmed and tumble off in these situations.

Be prepared for anything: Accidents can happen, so be ready with a first-aid kit and be aware of what to do in an emergency.

Have fun: Paddleboarding or kayaking with your dog might be a terrific way to strengthen your relationship. Enjoy your time on the water together, and don’t forget to take lots of photos!

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