I often hear how frustrated people are at the photos they get using their phones. Pets are tricky to capture as it is and your phone is the most convenient camera that most people have nowadays. There are some apps that can help enhance and improve your photos and LightRoom is a great one to start with.

To make things easier, I’ve made 3 Preset Packs to help improve the look of your phone photos of your pets specifically. One is universal, one is for black pets, and the last one is for white pets.

This preset pack was created specifically for pet photography to speed up editing time and instantly enhance your photos. Your furry family members will look their best in any photo with these presets! Instantly brighten up dark images, bring out those eyes, enhance the colors, and give fur a clean and soft look.

• Works in the Lightroom Mobile App (iOS/Android)
• Compatible with all photo formats

Please keep in mind that each photo and preset will look different depending on the lighting, colors, tones, etc. Feel free to play around with the adjustments to alter the preset to fit your photo best.

– 24 Lightroom presets in .DNG format for MOBILE Lightroom (.ZIP Archive)
– PDF file with direct link to download presets directly to your phone (Dropbox)
– PDF Instruction Guide

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