I’ve had a lot of inquiries about Celebration Sessions lately, both from people possibly having one and those just curious about what they are. I figured it was a topic that was blog-worthy! Celebration sessions are for ill or elderly pets who have been given the prognosis that they don’t have much time left. These are scheduled quickly and I do my best to get to you ASAP for these sessions.

1. They aren’t nearly as sad as you’d think they’d be.

This is probably the biggest one. By the time the session rolls around, I’m asking you questions about your furbaby and you’d be excitingly telling me all about them. Occasionally, they are somber… don’t get me wrong! And that’s totally okay, but it’s more of a passing moment than the whole entire session. Usually your baby is getting lots of attention from you and probably some special treats, so they often perk up, too.

2. If you cry, I’m going to cry, too. And that’s okay!

They aren’t “just a pet,” and I know that or you wouldn’t be spending the time, money, or energy to do a custom pet portraiture session with me. I want you to know that there is no judgement from my end and my heart is hurting for you, too. This is what all pet owners dread… saying goodbye to their beloved pet. I keep myself composed for the most part, but I’m a very empathetic person (seriously, I cry all the time at commercials and just about every movie I watch) so I will definitely be feeling the outpour of love you are giving your pet at that time.

3. If you think you should do a Celebration Session, it’s best to do it ASAP.

Unfortunately, I have had a select few missed opportunities where we thought we’d have more time than we did. It’s heartbreaking. Each time they have said something to the effect of, “I wish we would’ve just taken them,” so I encourage anyone who is getting in touch about a Celebration Session to schedule it ASAP.

4. They are a little different than my standard pet sessions.

While I will certainly get some more ‘traditional’ portrait shots of your pet, oftentimes Celebration Sessions are more photo journalistic in style. I am there documenting you enjoying time with your pet. I love capturing details like their eyes, paws, and collar so you can have a photo and remember every little thing about them. It’s lots of cuddles and pets from you. I can have you be in or out of the photos depending on your wishes. I can frame it so your face isn’t in the shots or I can get you in them, giving you the option to crop them out later.

5. You won’t regret it.

I often receive feedback from all my sessions about how much fun it was, how happy they are that they did it, etc. but the feedback from Celebration Sessions truly touch my heart and make a lasting impression on me. Even if the reason for the photos is a sad one, I promise you will cherish these photos that much more.

If you would like to learn more or book a Celebration Session for your pet, click here and send me a message.