When Jared got a hold of me for a very special Together Session, I could hardly contain my excitement! He reached out in early February about doing a session under the guise of a Valentine’s Day gift, but his plan the entire time was to propose at the end of the session.

He came up with the perfect idea of me posing them after I got all of my “standard” shots from the together session but telling him to kneel down while she was holding their beloved Chihuahua, Mae. He executed it perfectly and Melanie said she had absolutely no idea about the proposal!

They were just so sweet and I am honored I got to capture such a special moment for their family!

I just wanted to give you a huge THANK YOU for being a part of our special day a few weekends ago. I’ve been dying laughing at my face during the proposal and also at Mae’s face during some of these. You really captured her quirky spirit. I’ve just had the gallery open on my phone for days, browsing through it whenever I have a moment just to look at them all again. I’ll definitely be recommending you to anyone who needs photos – if you can win over Mae, you can work with ANY dog! Thank you so much for making this moment in my life even more memorable and for coming out on a chilly morning to hang out with our crazy dog. Looking forward to decorating our home with these pics! – Melanie

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