I had the pleasure of photographing Teddy the Goldendoodle with his mom, Kathy. They had done some portraits before when they lived in Arizona with a beautiful mountain background, but Kathy was looking for some new photos with an ‘Austin’ vibe and some greenery. I think we achieved that! We were shooting in the evening, right before sunset, also known as the golden hour, which worked beautifully with Teddy’s fur coloring. Teddy was so very sweet and definitely a big ol’ mama’s boy. There was a noticeable difference in Teddy’s smile when he’s right next to Kathy and when he’s not. Honestly, it was precious seeing how much Teddy adores Kathy. We still got some great photos of Teddy by himself, but I love the shots we got of them together, both posed and candid! So cute!

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