Jed got in touch with me about doing a session for his girlfriend, Jessica, and her two cats – Leery and Ori. We made it happen and I got him a gift certificate in the meantime until we could coordinate our schedules for the session. Cats can be tricky sometimes, but I love the shots we got of these two! Jessica has had them both since they were little and we wanted to capture some portraits of each of them.

The black cat is Leery, a small Burmese. She truly is a dainty thing, but very sweet. She loves being held by her mom and I don’t think she’d turn down any pets. She’s curious and has some beautiful big, green eyes. Ori is the larger tabby cat. He was a little unsure what we were up to at first but once he saw me photograph Leery for a bit and I gave him some pets myself, he was totally chill. Once we got past that initial phase of uncertainty, Ori was cool as a cucumber and made for a great subject.

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