As a dog owner, you know that your furry friend is more than just a pet – they’re a member of the family! And what better way to celebrate your dog’s place in your life than with a professional photoshoot? Whether you’re planning to capture some cute family portraits or create a stunning album of your dog’s life, a photoshoot can be a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved. But before you head out to meet up for your session, it’s important to make sure your dog is prepared for the shoot. Here’s a checklist to help you get started.


It’s a great idea to exercise your dog before a pet photography session to help them be more cooperative and relaxed during the shoot. Dogs who have pent-up energy or who are feeling anxious or stressed are more likely to be uncooperative during a photo session, which can make it difficult to get the shots you want. By exercising your dog before the shoot, you can help them release some of their energy and feel more relaxed and calm. This can make it easier to get them to sit still, look at the camera, and follow your commands during the session.

Some ways to exercise your dog before a photo shoot might include going for a long walk, playing fetch or tug-of-war, or running around in a fenced-in area. Be sure to give your dog plenty of water and a chance to rest before the shoot so they don’t become overtired or dehydrated.


Before the photoshoot, make sure your dog is well-groomed. This includes brushing and bathing them to remove any dirt, tangles, or matting from their fur. If your dog has long hair or needs a trim, you may want to schedule a professional grooming appointment a few days before the shoot. Don’t forget to clip your dog’s nails, clean their ears, and brush their teeth too.


A well-behaved dog is more likely to cooperate during a photoshoot. Spend some time training your dog in basic obedience commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” This will make it easier for your photographer to get the shots they need, and will help keep your dog calm and relaxed during the shoot.

Props and Outfits

If you plan to use props or outfits in your photoshoot, make sure they fit your dog properly and are comfortable for them to wear. Avoid anything that might cause discomfort, such as tight collars or costumes that restrict movement. If you’re not sure what to use, talk to your photographer for suggestions.

Health and Safety

Before the photoshoot, make sure your dog is up-to-date on their vaccinations and has been examined by a veterinarian recently. This will ensure that they’re healthy and ready for the shoot. You should also bring along any medications or special food that your dog needs, just in case.

Treats and Toys

Bring along your dog’s favorite treats and toys to reward them for good behavior during the photoshoot. This will help keep them happy and focused, and will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. You may also want to bring a water bowl and some snacks for yourself, as photoshoots can be long and tiring.

By following this checklist, you’ll be well-prepared for your dog’s photoshoot and can ensure that the experience is enjoyable for everyone involved. And to make things even easier, we’ve created a downloadable checklist that you can use to prepare for your next photoshoot. Click the link below to download the checklist and get started!


I hope you found this checklist helpful. Remember, with a little preparation and some help from a professional photographer, you can create beautiful, lasting memories of your furry friend.