Hi, all! With this pandemic going on, we must remain diligent and take precautions during photography sessions for everyone’s health and safety.

It is absolutely crucial that you let me know if you’ve experienced any symptoms within the two weeks leading up to your session. I will remain flexible if we need to reschedule and ask that you do not overlook any symptoms, no matter how mild, to keep our session on the calendar.

I will be wearing a mask the entire session and I request that you do as well if it’s only your pets getting their photos taken. If you’ll be in photos, too, I ask that you leave your mask on until I’ve let you know that your face is in the shots.

When your mask is off I will try to keep my distance and use my longer lenses to zoom into the shot. I prefer to shoot outside in natural light anyway and your home is ideal, as well, so crowds and other people should not be an issue.

I will keep an eye on the situation and will participate in any restrictions that the Austin-area enacts for the public. These measures will be put in place indefinitely… until we have a handle on this virus.

Thank you for your cooperation during this time.

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