Owning a dog comes with so much joy, but there is also so much responsibility. One of the biggest responsibilities, and also an ongoing one, is keeping a clean, decluttered and odor-free home. It usually doesn’t take long before you realize that as soon as you have one mess cleaned up, another is already being made. It can become time-consuming — not to mention costly — to keep your pet-friendly home clean.


What are some effective ways to clean up after your pet without spending too much time and money? Whether you are battling allergies or an unsightly pile of chewed up toys, a clean home is a happier home for you, your family and your pets. Here are three tips from the pet cleaning pros to help you save time and money cleaning up after your pet.



Stock up on cleaning supplies.


Nothing is worse than realizing you are out of pet stain remover spray the moment you have to use it. Making sure you have pet cleaning supplies on hand can help you deal with your dog’s messes when they happen, preventing stains and odors from lingering. What are some good, budget-friendly ways to stockpile cleaning supplies?


  • Check out savings opportunities through online retailers. For example, you can use Amazon promo codes to score extra savings on an already great price for high quality, name brand products.
  • Get discounts when you start a subscription to an item, which also means it gets automatically delivered to your door on a timeline you determine.
  • Pay attention to in-store offers at local pet supply stores and purchase a large quantity while the special is going on.



Keep up with pet clutter.


From dog toys to water bowls, most dog-friendly homes are filled with accessories. Whether you play fetch with your dog indoors or give them toys to chew on, most dogs simply walk away from these items when they’re done. Aside from training your dog to put away his toys, how can you keep the clutter from taking over your home?


  • Create a chore chart for the whole family that includes picking up after pets. Some chores will need to happen daily, like picking up toys, feeding and walking, while others, like bathing or brushing, might only need to happen once or twice a week.
  • Purchase a toy chest, a decorative basket or a storage bin to reduce the clutter throughout the house. You can find really good deals on all sizes by using coupons and promo codes at pet supply retailers.
  • Rotate through items so that not every toy is available at once. Not only will that limit the number of items you’ll need to pick up after playtime is over, but it also keeps your pet excited and stimulated by even old toys.



Become a regular at the groomer.


One of the most effective ways to keep your home clean is to keep your pet clean. Regular trips to the groomer can help keep dog fur, dander, dirt and debris from floating around your home. While grooming is effective, it can also be expensive. How can you keep your dog nice and tidy on a budget?


  • Wash your curtains. It may sound strange, but fabrics really hold in dirt and odors. Making sure your curtains, pillows and furniture get a regular deep clean will do amazing things for keeping your pet-friendly home smelling fresh.
  • Clip your dog’s nails. Not only will this help prevent dirt from being tracked in, but it can also protect any hardwood floor in your home.
  • Use online promo codes to purchase in-home grooming supplies. You can safely learn how to properly groom your dog watching free online tutorials.



Some homeowners struggle to strike a balance between owning a pet and owning a clean home. Yes, it can be a challenge, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Be proactive, stick to a plan and research money-saving opportunities to make cleaning up after your pet a budget-friendly breeze.


A big thank you to Jessica at ourbestfriends.pet for writing this fantastic article for Shutter Hound!

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