Earlier this year, Dylan got in touch with me to do a gift certificate for his girlfriend, Destiny, as a Valentine’s Day gift! How cute is that? Guys, take notes. ;) We finally got our session in and they have one of the cutest crews I’ve had the pleasure to photograph. Zuli is a 5-ish year female Husky and German Shephard mix with a brown/black coat and striking blue eyes. She was a little shy at first, but didn’t mind me taking her photos with my long lens so I didn’t have to get too too close. She is a sweetheart and warmed up to the idea of having her photo taken in no time.

Luna is a calico with absolutely beautiful coloration. Although she needs to size strangers up, her trust can be gained with treats and respecting her space. After that, she’s very affectionate. She’s a big fan of sleeping under the bed and in laundry baskets. We got some great photos using my long lens with her, too, so I could make sure I wasn’t too much in her space and making her nervous.

Miso Soup is a domestic short hair that was adopted recently and is less than a year old. She is one of the most playful cats I’ve ever met. She’ll even play fetch! She was an absolute ham, and quite the challenge to get her to stay in one spot for too long. That is alright, though; we still got some amazing shots! I especially love the one of her playing on the cat tree.

This was such a fun shoot and I think you can see their personalities shine in their photos.