Shutter Hound Pet Photography, an Austin-based pet photography business, is proud to announce the celebration of its 10-year anniversary. Over the past decade, Shutter Hound has established itself as a top choice for capturing the unique personalities of beloved pets in stunning portraits.

Founded by Kirsten Krupps, Shutter Hound Pet Photography has become synonymous with capturing the unconditional love and cherished moments shared between pets and their human companions. Kirsten’s relaxed and pet-centric approach to photography has made her the go-to choice for those seeking memorable pet portraits in the Austin area.

Kirsten’s journey as a pet photographer began with a deep-rooted love for animals and a desire to combine that passion with her photography skills. Her two dachshunds, Kai and Lola, have been constant sources of inspiration and love throughout her career. They have not only been beloved family members but also adorable models for countless portrait practice sessions.

Shutter Hound’s approach to pet photography is all about collaboration, fun, and capturing each pet’s unique personality. Whether a pet is camera-shy or a total ham, Kirsten has the knack for getting THE perfect shot. Using toys, treats, and a willingness to crawl around on the ground, she will go the extra mile to ensure every client leaves with treasured memories.

“Working with pets and their people brings me great joy, and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be able to combine my two passions,” says Kirsten Krupps, the founder of Shutter Hound Pet Photography. “This 10-year anniversary is a milestone that I celebrate with gratitude for all the wonderful clients and furry friends I’ve had the pleasure of working with.”

Kirsten at Shutter Hound Pet Photography offers custom pet portraiture sessions that result in captured memories to be cherished for a lifetime. These sessions capture the unique personality of each pet, as well as the special bond they share with their owners.

Shutter Hound Pet Photography invites all pet lovers to join them in celebrating a decade of capturing priceless moments with furry family members. Whether you have a mischievous cat, a loyal dog, or any other type of pet, Shutter Hound is ready to create lasting memories for you.

To commemorate this special anniversary, Shutter Hound Pet Photography is offering 20% off any prints or products with all session vouchers purchased now until January 9th, 2024!

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