Last Saturday, I was out at the Paws Giving Independence‘s Running with the Dogs fundraiser! It was a little bit dreary out, but probably perfect for running! Venders got there bright and early at 7am and the race started at 9am. It was a very successful fundraiser, though, raising over $10,000!


In case you didn’t know, PGI trains service dogs to assist people with a variety of different disabilities while providing support to encourage independence. PGI educates the public to the benefits of service dogs and encourages animal rescue by obtaining many of our animals from shelters and rescue groups. They are a nonprofit and run completely on donations.

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My boss at my day job is actually part of PGI! She helps train the service dogs before they go on to their people. We made sure to get a work-photo with some of us. It was a little bit chilly, as you can see. My pup, Lola, was shivering and I had to wrap her up in a blanket. We ended up taking them home after a couple hours so they could snooze until the race was over. So, all-in-all, it was a great fundraiser and great time! Until next year!