Layflat Photo Albums start at $145. Available in square (6×6, 8×8, 10×10, or 12×12), portrait (8×6, 11×8, or 11×14), and landscape (6×8, 8×11, or 14×11) . The front and back covers feature your favorite photos. The pages are layflat style, which means when open, the book lays perfectly flat. The paper is thick, semi-gloss, which is smooth and vibrantly white, while providing bright colors and sharp contrast. Each book comes with 20 pages with additional pages available at an extra cost.

LayflatPhotoAlbum01 LayflatPhotoAlbum02 LayflatPhotoAlbum03 LayflatPhotoAlbum04 LayflatPhotoAlbum05 LayflatPhotoAlbum06 LayflatPhotoAlbum07 LayflatPhotoAlbum08 LayflatPhotoAlbum09 LayflatPhotoAlbum11 LayflatPhotoAlbum12 LayflatPhotoAlbum13