If your pet is in need of a cart / wheelchair, I highly recommend Eddie’s Wheels. All their carts are custom made to fit YOUR beloved pet and are guaranteed for their lifetime. When my dachshund, Lola, developed IVDD and had to have back surgery for her slipped disc, I immediately started doing research on dog carts and after hours and hours of looking online, Eddie’s Wheels was the clear choice.

You have to measure your dog precisely and send the info over when you order. This ensures that their spine is held in the best position. This was very important to me, many of the premade and presized carts I found did not seem suitable for a dachshund with their long back. A dog cart is not one size fits all and I couldn’t imagine investing in something that wouldn’t be comfortable for my girl.

From Eddie’s Wheels website, here are some of their advantages:

  • Custom-built, tailored and engineered to match your pet’s disability and body shape.
  • Welded, padded saddle gives your pet solid support on its pelvic floor, eliminating chafing to delicate soft tissue.
  • Lightweight solid aluminum construction with wheels to match your pet’s terrain.
  • Adjustable for height and length.
  • Our exclusive Variable axle carts allow owners to change the balance of the cart to compensate for increasing weakness in the front legs for dogs with degnerative myelopathy.
  • Easy to use, indestructible and warranteed for the life of your pet.
  • Hand Made in the USA in our own workshop in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, and exported all over the world!

They have a fantastic comparison page that really shows WHY they are the best choice.

And it’s not just for animals with hind leg problems, they can do front carts and quad carts, too. They have so many options for so many different situtations.

I often get asked if it took Lola a while to get used to her cart. It took maybe 5 minutes. They tend to be a little confused at first, but once they realize that it gives them their mobility back, they figure it out very quickly! It’s quite easy to get her in her cart. We just take out the two pins on the side to open up the fron end. Then we put her back legs in the stirrups, close the front, put the pins back in, and buckle her up! Then she’s off and rollin’!

And yes, we did pay extra for it to be pink. That’s the second most common question. I figured if she was going to be in it for the rest of her life, we might as well make it fun! Third question is the cost. Carts start off at $355 and go up depending on the size and weight of the animal and customizations, like special colors.

I cannot recommend Eddie’s Wheels enough. This cart has greatly improved Lola’s quality of life and let her run around like she used to before her back injury. I hope you’re never in the position where your pet needs a cart, but if you are, you want Eddie’s Wheels.

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