I had the pleasure to photograph some Foster Pet Outreach dogs this past week. They were all so great in front of the camera! We got the shots we needed in no time!

First up was Connelly, a Cairn Terrier mix who was just way too cute. He definitely tugged at my heartstrings. He looks like he could have some dachshund in him! He’s a small guy and very well behaved. His profile on PetFinder says: “Connelly is an 8 month old Cairn terrier mix that weighs 15 lbs. He is crate trained, house broken, and knows some basic commands. Connelly has transformed from a terrified boy at animal control to a confident little dog that loves to play with his foster siblings and will even dance for attention. Connelly likes to be held and loves to chase a tennis ball. He’s a wonderful little dog that does well with cats, dogs, and kids.”

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Up next was Karl, a Sharpei mix! He was a very sweet, lovable guy! Very pretty eyes and a great demeanor. His Petfinder profile says: “Karl is a one-year-old Sharpei mix that was surrendered when his owners decided to move and didn’t want a dog anymore. Karl is really smart and he’s crate trained, housebroken, and playful. Karl likes other dogs and is good with kids. He would do better in a home without a cat.”

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Then we had Herbie who was freaking ADORABLE! I’m obsessed with his big ears. He doesn’t always have them up, but when he does, prepare to ‘awhhhh.’ His PetFinder page says: “Herbie is about 3 yrs. old and thought to be a Lhasa mix. He is a very friendly guy liking everyone he meets. He is good with other dogs, loves kids and barks at cats but doesn’t chase them. He is house broken, crate trained and loves to play catch. He will even talk to you. Once you meet this guy you will love him.”

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And last, but certainly not least was Basil. She’s a lab mix who is just the most lovable gal. FPO’s Facebook page said: “Basil has had a rough start in life. She was underweight, sick and pregnant in a high kill shelter. Then they found out all of her puppies were not alive so she had an emergency spay surgery. Through it all she has always been the sweetest girl. She has gained about 10 lbs since she has been with us and her ear infections are gone and her hair is growing back in. She will never be pregnant again. Basil is great with other dogs, likes kids and has not met a person she doesn’t like. She takes treats so gentle. This girl will be a great addition to someone’s family. Is that you?”


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Please share with friends or family members who might be interested in opening their homes to one of these sweet babies! And follow Foster Pet Outreach on Facebook and Twitter!