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Shutter Hound Pet Photography | ATX | Frequently Asked Questions
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Why should I consider custom pet portraiture?

Your pet is part of your family and deserve to be immortalized in professional portraits that show off their beauty and personality. Another unfortunate fact is that we will outlive our beloved pets. Your pet portrait session with your pet may be one of few professional photos taken of them. A pet portrait session will ensure that your pet will be remembered for years and years to come.



I want to book a session! What do I do?

Contact me! Tell me about your pet! I love hearing about their personalities, favorite toys, and all their quirks. Let me know of any location ideas or specific shots you had in mind.



My pet is very elderly and/or ill. Will you be able to fit them in?

Of course. I have Celebration Sessions for ill or elderly pets to capture the love between you and your pet. Celebration sessions take priority. Please visit the session page for more information about what is included.



My pet is shy/hyper/etc. What do we do?

It’s okay! We’ll work with your pet to get the best photos possible. Please let me know ahead of time when you’re telling me about your pet how they act with strangers. I also recommend bringing your pet to the preshoot consultation, that way they aren’t meeting me for the first time during the session. I’ve worked with pets of all different types of personalities and as long as we work together to make your pet comfortable, we’ll get some amazing photos!



What if my dog must be on a leash?

No problem! If we must have a leash on I can photoshop it out of your chosen images. Another option is to choose a fashionable leash that goes with your pet’s personality.



Where will the photoshoot take place?

I am an on location photographer and in the past people have had their session in their home, their backyard, a friend or family member’s backyard, public parks, and even dog parks. I recommend having it somewhere you’re dog has been before and is comfortable with. For cats and small animals, I recommend in your home or possibly your back yard.



What should I bring with me?

Here’s some things you should definitely bring: treats or food, water + bowl, favorite toys, leash – both standard and retractable, any outfits or props you want to incorporate in your photos.



What should I do with my pet prior to the session?

Exercise them prior to the session. This is a must! A tired pet is more relaxed and will cooperate better. Showing up early so they can roam around a bit and get the exploring out of the way is helpful, too. The day before, get them groomed or give them a bath. If you’d like, pick out a new collar, bandana, or shirt for your pet to wear during the session.



What should I wear if I want to be in the photos, too? What if I’m not?

If we’re doing a together session and you are going to be in the photos with your pet, I do have some tips to make sure we get the best photos we can get. Click here and read up on how to coordinate with your pet. If you’re not in photos with your pet, just wear something neutral-colored, especially if you have a lighter color dog. White, black, grey, navy, etc. are all great. If you wear a bright color, like red or yellow, sometimes that can reflect onto your dogs fur.



When is the best time for a session?

I prefer natural light, so mornings right after sunrise or evenings before sunset are best for outside sessions. I can make most anytime work, but those times are definitely preferred. If we’re working inside, during the day when we’ll get some sunlight is best, but again, I have external flashes and can make just about anything work!



What is the viewing and ordering session?

This is where you get to see all your photos and make your selections to order prints and products. I will have examples of the different products available so you can see them before you purchase them. I’ll also be able to help you pick out your photos, what size works best, cropping, and all that not-so-fun stuff involved with selecting photos. I’ll do all the dirty work, you just get to sit back and relax while enjoying photos of your pet!



Can I just have an online gallery to order my photos?

Yes, an online gallery is provided for all sessions. Please note that some products are only available through Shutter Hound via an in home viewing and ordering session. After completing the in home viewing and ordering session, you will also get an online gallery to send to friends and family.



Is there a minimum print and product order?

Yes, there is a $100 minimum order for in-home viewing and ordering sessions. This can be the premade packages, prints, products, and any combination of them. Online galleries do not have a minimum order.



Do you offer digital files?

Yes, my collections include digital files and they are available for purchasing ala carte. Having digital files are a great back up for your precious memories. I still stress that there is no substitution, though, to having your photos printed and displayed in your home.



What forms of payment do you accept? When do I pay?

I currently accept cash and checks. Returned checks are subject to a $50 fee. 50% of the session fee is required to book your session. The remaining balance is due at the session, prior to shooting.



Why did you decide to become a pet photographer?

I’ve always been an animal lover, so naturally I was drawn to animal portraiture. I practice quite a bit on my own dogs and I find it enjoyable (and sometimes challenging, in a good way!) to photograph animals.