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Welcome and thank you for visiting Shutter Hound Pet Photography. My name is Kirsten Krupps and I am a photographer located in Austin, Texas who specializes in pet portraiture. I’ve always had an affinity for animals and when photography became my “thing,” I was naturally drawn to photographing pets.  I absolutely adore working with animals and their humans. Below are my two dachshunds, Kai and Lola, who inspire me and love me unconditionally every day!


  • Born and raised in Peoria, Illinois and currently living in Austin, Texas
  • Attended Bradley University
  • Has a communications degree in advertising + a minor in interactive media
  • Mostly self-taught photographer
  • Lifetime animal lover
  • Registered therapy dog team with Alliance of Therapy Dogs 2010-2015, 2018 – present
  • Addicted to (blue) dachshunds
  • Obsessed with Harry Potter
  • Loves Halloween and dressing up
  • Loves ciders, white wines, and Tenessee Tea’s
  • Favorite food is sushi (give me all the raw tuna, please) and burrito bowls
  • Favorite color is purple
  • Favorite shows/movies include South Park, Game of Thrones, + The Lion King
  • Favorite animal (besides dogs) is a wolf
  • Only just started getting into coffee – iced coffee, that is
  • Loves traveling – favorite place so far has been London
  • Has more tattoos than you’d probably expect
  • Avid concert-goer, especially rock




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